What does the festival offer?

Chocolate is an international product, with the cocoa bean coming from various parts of the world. The Schoggi festival is unique because we want to give visitors an insight into the entire cocoa value chain and chocolate production.

The Schoggi festival looks forward to an event in which classic producers of chocolate products, as well as individual companies whose activities are related to the versatility of the cocoa bean, come together.

Village with market stands
The Sarner village is the pivot of the chocolate festival. Be one of approximately 50 exhibitors who present their products in the Sarner village between Obwaldnerhof and the Krone village square and court. In addition to the big chocolate manufacturers, there are also regional and local suppliers of products with chocolate components among the exhibitors.
Where does the chocolate come from? What is its story? Exhibitions and information boards on the festival grounds inform visitors about the theme of chocolate.
Chocolate cinema
During the three-day festival, various movie and documentary films on chocolate will be shown in the cinemas in Sarnen and its environs.
The chocolate factory
Every child in Switzerland knows what chocolate tastes like. But do many know where it comes from or how it is made. In the local chocolate factory, young and old can experience the joy in becoming chocolatiers for a short time by producing their own chocolate from the humble cocoa bean thereby finally closing the knowledge gap.
Lectures and discussions
At Schoggi, we want to make chocolate and its production a topic of conversation. Various lectures around the production as well as a podium discussion are intended to provide information and to encourage reflections as well as discussions pertaining to: o How fair is Fairtrade really? o How much child labour is inherent in the chocolate we consume? o Symbiotic business Approach- a sine qua non for a fairer cocoa value chain? Let’s get together and discuss chocolate- the “Gem among Culinary Delights!”
Who should attend and why
Not only consumers, but also producers should come to enjoy the exchange. In the form of a symposium, representatives from the chocolate industry will meet in Sarnen to discuss problems, challenges and opportunities.
Culinary offer
Have you ever eaten chocolate pasta? In fact, this maiden Swiss Schoggi festival is here to increase the pleasure in chocolate consumption and to enable, among others a critical appreciation of the consumers support to the base of the value chain in the Tropical Rainforest! Round off your visit to the Schoggi festival with an innovative culinary offer of the Sarner restaurants.