Switzerland is a “chocolate country”, many major manufacturers produce tons of the finest Swiss chocolate for the world market every day, which is why various chocolate innovations are associated with Switzerland. The first manufacturers that transformed beans of the Tropical Rainforest tree (Cocoa tree) into melt- in- the mouth exquisite chocolate opened in the early 19th century and are still among the best-known in the Swiss chocolate business today.

It is therefore no surprise that, chocolate not only has a historical significance and reputation in Switzerland, but is also consumed above average in global comparison. Swiss people eat more than 11 kg of chocolate per year, which is the second largest consumption rate per person after Germany.

We are convinced that the Schoggi”, as we call it in Swiss-German, deserves an event to learn about

  • its history,
  • its advantages,
  • its production methods,
  • its versatility
  • the downsides inherent in its sweet temptation.

We are pleased to present to you the maiden Schoggi festival held in Sarnen Switzerland this December and encourage all chocolate manufacturers, cocoa buyers and consumers to visit.